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A Revolution in Pain Relief

Painless EFT is:-

Based on the established therapy EFT (tapping)

Easy to apply and often works where nothing else will

During the Painless EFT (Tapping) session all you do is tap on your hand and repeat what the therapist says

With this therapy there is:-

  • No manipulation
  • No needles
  • No tablets
  • No touch

The 4 steps of Painless EFT:-

  1. Discuss the possible reason behind your body's need to communicate with pain
  2. Tap on the Heart Meridian point on the side of your hand
         (Meridian lines are used in acupuncture and reflexology)
  3. Directly communicate with your body & ask it to stop the pain - by repeating what is said by the therapist
  4. Permanently let go of both physical and emotional pain