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A Revolution in Pain Relief

Q -
Does Painless EFT work?
A - Yes it does!

Q - Does it work every time?
A - Painless EFT usually works 1 issue = 1 session
With about 10% of clients there can be blocks that take several sessions to release and resolve

Q - How will I know the pain has gone?
A - Both numerical (0-10) levels and a detailed description of the pain are noted before and after the session

Q- What kind of issues can stop it working
A - The inability to trust, let go, release old thinking patterns or allow for new possibilities - (only about 10% of clients need extra help with these issues)

Q - Are there any side effects?
A - Since there is no touch or manipulation or any herbs or tablets to take - there are no negative side effects. (there is a small possibility that the body will get excited about what has just happened and raise a different symptom - hoping that can also be cleared)

Q - Are there any other effect of Painless EFT
A - This is not just suppressing your pain - it is releasing it - so can have other health benefits - both mental and physical (often people have more physical flexibility of movement, [video evidence] improvements in other health matters, or feel different about emotional issues)

Q - When the pain is gone does it stay gone?
A - Our experience and the video evidence from clients seem to suggest that the pain relief is permanent

Q - Where do I go for a Painless EFT Session?
A - Wendy is in Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - but skype and even phone sessions can be be very effective

Q - How do I book a session?
A - Ring, text, or facebook message Wendy for your appointment [contacts page]

Q - What does it cost?
A - The fee for each session of Painless EFT is £40 (UK)

Q - How do I pay for it?
A - On the day of your appointment you can pay via cash or cheque  - remote payments using paypal or bank transfer can be arranged


Q- Can I learn to do this for myself?
A - This works better when you are being guided during a one to one session - but audio sessions and video training will soon be available (this may help)

Q - I do standard EFT - can I use Painless EFT with my clients?
A - Actual and virtual training courses will soon be available (please contact Wendy for more information - or to register your interest)


Q - Can you help me with a diagnosis of my problems?
A - No sorry only a medical doctor can do this

Q - Will I be able to reduce my painkillers after this treatment?
A - It is advised that you consult your doctor regarding reduction of any prescription drugs