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Keys to Freedom

Freedom is waking each morning
Deciding what I want to do
Keep to the roads that I travel
Or discover a way that is new

I open these books with such wonder
Every page that I turn holds a key
To unlock the chains that once bound me
Now it is time to be free

I am the one who is choosing
From all of the wisdom inside
I'm letting go of my limits
 And using these words as my guide
Explore & Discover

Consider… What could you do if you were completely free to make your own choices and live life your own way? What would you do if you held the keys to your own freedom? What is a book which is packed full of those keys worth to you?

Recognise… Today really is the first day of the rest of your life, so it can be a turning point that takes your life in a new direction. Whether you want just a small adjustment in route or want to travel in a completely new way is completely up to you. These books are so easy to access, so full of simple yet deep wisdom that they offer guidance through the changes and out to the joy that is waiting for you on the other side.

Imagine… Holding all the keys to freedom in your hand, then being shown how to use them to release your own personal limits and blocks to freedom.

Affirm… I am picking up these keys to freedom and  choosing to take steps in a new and positive direction.